Situated in the heart of New York state, Black Paw Creations creates timeless and classic knitwear items to warm you for seasons to come. Inspired by the Danish art of hygge - simplicity, warmth and community are woven into each hand-knit piece.

Erin Hildenbrandt is the owner/operator/head knitress of the business. She lives in the village of New Hartford with her husband, Anthony, and their children, Laela and Natalie. Anthony designs and builds all of our beautiful market signage and props, Laela models and little Natalie is our "mitter in training".

Erin was taught to knit at the age of 9 by her sweet and sassy Gramma Sano. Sundays were special days reserved for sauce, garbage rummy (a dime per hand) and crafting.


Black Paw Creations was established in 2018 as a creative outlet, to remember Gramma Sano and connect with the community.

Animal advocacy is an important cause that is near and dear to our hearts. In the future your support will help us to sponsor local shelter animals, focusing on those deemed to be the least adoptable: black pitbull type dogs.